5 faves: Horror

I don’t like being scared – which is a bit strange, since my mum grew up on classics such as Friday the 13th and is a big fan of the Saw franchise. Maybe it skipped a generation. Yet for reasons I can’t explain, I’m occasionally struck with the desire to watch something scary. Most of […]

5 faves: Mermaids

I’ve been struggling to find the time to read or write lately, what with work and a new puppy, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And some of that thinking led to mermaids. Mermaids are one of my favourite subjects to read or write about when it comes to short fiction. They’re open […]

destruction in three, two, one…

Now that it’s June, Women Destroy Science Fiction! has been released into the wild. I’ve already devoured the ebook, and my print copy of the issue (which is much bigger than I’d expected!) arrived a few days ago. Combined with the fantastic attention that WDSF! has been getting online, I feel like it’s all happening: […]

hell for the company

The Table of Contents for Women Destroy Science Fiction! has been released. It’s a nice feeling, seeing my name there. I’m honoured and excited to be among so many fantastic women writers, and I can’t wait to read the issue. Even though I’m happy about my first published story, there’s also a tiny bit of […]